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Bathroom Remodeling in Greer, South Carolina

Does Your Bathroom Need Remodeling?

The bathroom is a special room that we all spend lots of time in. That is why homebuyers typically care about the design quality of the room. The basic necessities of any bathroom are pretty obvious. You need to at least have a sink, toilet and shower that all function properly. But when it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the design quality and appearance of everything in the bathroom is what you will want to focus on. Some people may want to make their bathroom bigger by tearing down walls and building an expansion but only do this if you need more room in one bathroom. Otherwise, it is better to just build a second bathroom somewhere else.

Make It Your Style

The color scheme of your bathroom should be your first consideration. Try not to pick a dull color like white because that is a common color you probably have throughout your home already. Bathroom colors should be vibrant and full of life. So try picking a blue or green color for your bathroom. Then figure out what materials you will use to apply these colors to the walls such as tile, paint and fixtures. The best recommendation would be to use as much tiling as possible, both on the floors and the walls. You have to remember this is a bathroom, so there will be constant moisture in the room. Tiles are easy to clean and harder to stain so they will be your most powerful addition.

Choose Modern Fixtures

Bathroom remodeling projects typically include replacing the old fixtures with newer ones. This means replacing the faucet, sink and shower, which will be the biggest part of your remodeling project. In this case, you will want to hire a plumber because it involves dealing with the plumbing of the water pipes and connecting them to the appliances. Therefore, the plumber will have to uninstall the old fixtures and install the new ones. As for the color of the fixtures, try to get a color the matches the color scheme of the walls or at least blends in with them.

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Light the Room Just Right

The lighting fixtures will make the finishing touch to any bathroom remodeling project. Choose whether you want vanity lights, sconce lights, overhead lights or lamp lights. There is no wrong type of lighting you can choose. Just pick one that you feel goes well with your bathroom’s color scheme and overall feel. Once everything is finished, just maintain the bathroom by constantly cleaning it and maintaining its quality.

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We Can Help You Remodel

We at Decker Home Repair and Remodeling offer bathroom remodeling services in Greer, South Carolina, as well as everything else. We have comprehensive handyman services to handle all the items on your honey-do list. Let us check off some of those items for you.

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